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Kingdom Care is a non-profit corporation providing free healthcare to uninsured people who meet eligibility requirements and reside in Ware, Brantley, Pierce, Charlton, Clinch, Atkinson, Bacon, or Wayne counties.

Founded on Christian principles, Kingdom Care began as an outreach ministry of Second Baptist Church in Waycross and has expanded to include the entire community.


Services provided through Kingdom Care reveal the love of Jesus. Kingdom Care is supported by several area churches, the Piedmont-Okefenokee Baptist Association, individuals, grants and several area businesses.

Care is provided by a large network of enthusiastic volunteer health professionals and volunteers from local churches and organizations. Volunteers have been trained to perform eligibility screenings which are conducted, by appointment, on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Medical care is provided by appointment on Tuesdays after the eligibility screening has been completed.

Kingdom Care prospective patients and those interested in volunteering should call 912-287-4434.

Kingdom Care is located at  800 Beacon Street, Waycross, GA.

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