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Ways YOUR POBA  Assists Churches

By providing a mutually supportive fellowship of churches; 1


By helping each church fulfill its mission; 1


By encouraging a commitment to mission, both as individual churches & as churches together; 1


By extending the work of the churches through cooperative activities; 1


By providing a basis for mission strategy for the Associational territory; 1


By providing a channel of missions and other services for church members as church groups or individual Christians; 1


By facilitating communications between   the churches and the conventions - state & national; 1


By supporting the pastors and other staff members. 1


By providing a voice or representation to other denominations and to the social, educational, economic, and political structure of the communities; 1

By providing research and demographic information


Partner for Church Planting2

            Finding planters

            Locating facilities

            Forming partnerships



Church Health2

            Leadership Development



Doctrinal Purity2 Equipping & Resources for…

            Ordination Councils

            Credential Committees

            Deacon and Minister ordination

            Addressing non-Baptistic practices


Giving to Expand the Kingdom2

            Share VBS training and workers

            Disaster response opportunities


By encouraging agreement on doctrinal and practical issues that are basic to fellowship and consistent with mission; 1

1 A Baptist Association Churches on Mission Together - JC Bradley - p.19

2 The Baptist Association Assisting Churches. Advancing the Gospel - Ray Gentry p.22-26


Evangelism Equipping & Resources


Evangelism Trailer


Sunday School Equipping & Resources


Vacation Bible School Equipping & Resources


Continuing Education

Bible Training Centers for Pastors


Disciple-Making Equipping & Resources


Minister Wellness

Encouragement & fellowship for ministers & their spouse

            Assist ministers with retreats


Moral & Civic Concerns

March for Life

            State & national election issues


Music Ministry


Music minister fellowship

Music festival to encourage instrument use in the church


Royal Ambassadors

            Race Car Derby



Senior Adult Ministry

            Created for Worship Hymn Sing


Youth Ministry

            Youth minister fellowship

Launch back-to-school


Church Revitalization

     Churches assisting sister churches


Missions Equipping & Resources

     The SBC Missionary & Missions


Partnership Missions

     Connecting churches to the mission field


Prayer Equipping & Resources

     Prayer Guide for POBA Churches

     Bless Every Home

     National Day of Prayer


Woman’s Missionary Union



     food ministry support


Crisis Relief 

     provided resources for churches struggling 

     financially due to crisis


Disaster Relief

     receive & distribute resources for disaster teams


Hispanic Ministry


     Churches partner to deliver care packages &

     Bible study


Partnership Missions


Recovery Ministry


Special Projects





          New church plants

          Domestic & international trip help for pastor/

          missions pastor/missions team leader

          Missionary support for long term missionaries out

          of POBA churches


          Messenger assistance for pastor to GBC or SBC

          Emergency use by POBA

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